Here at KPG Healthcare, we aim to provide high quality, rewarding employment opportunities for our Healthcare Professionals. As such, one of the amazing services we offer is Travel Nursing! To highlight this incredible opportunity, we’ve outlined five of the many benefits of Travel Nursing.




As a travel nurse, you will obviously be doing a substantial amount of traveling. It’s often difficult to find time to travel when you are working, especially when working in healthcare. So, what better way to travel the country than by doing something you love? Travel nursing is a great opportunity to travel and experience as many places as you can while still being compensated.




Along with traveling, travel nurses are able to experience different hospital settings as they take on new assignments. Each and every hospital possesses unique people, qualities, layouts, and sizes. Experiencing these diverse settings truly allows travel nurses to refine their skills and better prepare them for future work in the field.




With traveling and working in various settings comes meeting new people, and, who doesn’t love meeting new people? Travel nursing gives those the ability to meet a tremendous amount of people with different backgrounds, cultures, interests, etc. Whether it’s a colleague or someone outside of work, new acquaintances can blossom into new friendships that can last a lifetime. Not only will you have friends to hangout with while on an assignment, making friends around different parts of the country is an added bonus as you have the ability to visit them whenever you get a chance in the future!




As a Travel Nurse, you have the ability to gain an immense amount of additional experience in the field. This makes Travel Nursing a terrific resume builder as it allows those to increase their skill set and experience. The ability to quickly adapt to new settings and learn as you go are extremely valuable skills to possess as a nurse and in life! These types of skills will certainly make you stand out on a resume and better prepare you for future jobs.




Perhaps the most significant benefit of Travel Nursing is the adventure of it all! Travel nursing is a great opportunity for anyone looking for an adventure. The ability to travel, work in different hospital settings, meet new people and increase your skill set makes the adventure worthwhile!

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So, you just landed your dream travel nursing assignment and you’re so excited you can barely contain it. Next up on your list is to determine what to pack for the next 13 weeks at your new stomping grounds. You may think to yourself, “Where do I even start?”. But KPG Healthcare has your back! We went ahead and curated a list of the essentials to guide your packing.

-Your line-up of scrubs (Having at least one pair of black scrubs is definitely recommended)
-Casual clothes (Think jeans, tees, sandals) + Dressy clothes (For unexpected occasions)
-Workout clothes and swimwear
-Undergarments, sleepwear, socks
-Shoes for various activities and occasions
-Sweaters, coats and other layers
-Umbrella (Even if your assignment isn’t in a rainy location!)

Documents and Legal Items:
-Drivers License/ID/Passport
-Social Security Card
-Copy of Birth Certificate
-Credit/Debit cards and check book
-Copy of Travel Nursing Contract
-Auto insurance policy
-Car registration
-AAA card
-Copy of most recent physical and vaccine/titer history

Work Items:
-Copies of nursing license, credentials and documentation requested
-Phone numbers for nurse manager, new facility & your recruiter
-Lunch box
-Clipboard / Pens / Sharpies / Notepad
-Any first-day instructions
-Professional and personal books

-Cell phone
-Alarm clock
-Laptop, tablet
-Small radio or speakers

Comfort Items:
-Pictures of loved ones and happy memories
-Favorite pillows/blankets
-Little things that make your new place feel like home (Whether it’s your favorite mug or a painting you love)

We hope you utilize these suggestions as a guide that makes you even more excited for the next chapter ahead of you!

If you are yet to have taken the leap into your dreams of becoming a travel nurse that gets to explore all around the country, click the link below to have one of our awesome recruiters talk to you about our options:

The KPG Healthcare Team