It is year 2018 and technology has come a long way in making our lives easier and honestly, a bit more entertaining. Amongst the face-scanning iPhones, self-driving vehicles and 3-D printed houses, technology has also entered various industries on a global level to increase precision and effectiveness as needed. We see this tech evolution making a huge impact in the healthcare industry, where nurses are able to give patients a higher chance at a longer life in parts of patient care that weren’t an option before. Here are some different angles of how tech and nursing are getting along:

Tech in ICU

Karen Higgins, nurse of 28 years and past President of the Massachusetts Nurses Association chimes in on technology being an essential advancement for ICU patients:

“People ask me what is the biggest change in nursing over the years, and my answer is advancements in both technology and medications and also the patients themselves. Many of the patients I care for in the ICU would not be alive 10 or 20 years ago. New technology and medications are wonderful in that they give more patients a chance to survive and live longer[…]” –

Tech and Nursing Education

Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, also known as The Nerdy Nurse expresses that while technology advances in healthcare are a given, nurse education needs to catch up:

“Technology improves the practices of medicine, and nursing. It will continue to advance year after year. In order to prepare students to handle such changes, nursing education needs to evolve accordingly. Embracing these new technologies enables us to become nursing professionals who are prepared to provide the best possible patient care.”

Electronic Health Records

USA TODAY in an article called, Career Advice: 4 Ways the Nursing Profession is Changing talks about the benefits of Electronic health records(EHR):

“Electronic health records (EHR) systems have become the norm, making updated patient data accessible instantly. And non-invasive diagnostic tools have started taking hold as well, changing how nurses interact with patients. Nurses need to be tech-savvy, from the latest medical technology to mobile phone apps that can help them organize their schedules and coordinate patient care.”

To reiterate the benefits of taking health records into the digital space, Elika Salimi, 3rd Year Health Scholar at HOAG Hospital states,

“I’ve seen the positive impact that having an electronic medical record system has had at HOAG hospital and the healthcare industry overall. Sharing information about patients amongst providers is easier and more efficient than ever, which directly results in optimum patient care.”

A Second Set of Eyes

An article on The Gypsy Nurse called The Latest Trends and Technology in Nursing 2018 talks about hospitals implementing technological command centers to serve as a second set of eyes for nurses:
“Inspired by NASA, many hospitals are implementing command centers that serve as a ‘mission control’ for all of the services and functions related to patient care.  Today’s nurses are finding themselves able to interact with a second set of eyes and also have help in managing daily bottlenecks.


It’s fascinating to see how technology being implemented into our industry can impact so many different levels of our industry besides directly with the patient. However, the truth we can all agree on is that despite all of the tech upgrades to the industry, tech will never come before the compassion and instinct that serves as the lifeline of the healthcare industry.

KPG Healthcare

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If you or someone you know is looking for a change in their career, reach out and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions or talk about our referral bonus program where you can earn up to $2,000 per referral even when you don’t work for us!

This week we’re coming at you with another awesome Recruiter Spotlight. Meet the one and only Pablo Di Carlo! Pablo is a Senior Manager Recruiter here at KPG, as well as an awesome team member to work with. Pablo’s philosophy as a Senior Manager Recruiter is that in order to be a great consultant, one must understand the Providers’ perfect work scenario and then work above and beyond to achieve it, while taking the time to understand each individual’s goals and career path. We couldn’t have said it better, Pablo!


To get to know Pablo a little bit better, we had a Q&A session with him. Check it out!


What’s your favorite thing about being a Healthcare Recruiter?

Having the opportunity to help Providers everyday by making positive differences in their lives. This can be by increasing their overall compensation or helping them attain a better work/life balance.


What differentiates KPG?

Commitment, passion and dedication to our Providers and Clients. I can say that KPG is by far the best organization that I have been a part of in my career.


Tell us your favorite memory from being a part of the KPG team?

Our last Christmas Party was a blast! It was great meeting everyone’s extended families and the employee organized theater entertainment was phenomenal.


Tell us about a Provider that made a difference in your life.

There have been many Providers that have made in impact in my life, but one in particular was going through a very hard time with an ill family member and I was able to help throughout this time with their employment and commitments. It is very rewarding when business relationships become personal relationships and I am able to help in any way that I can.


What, in your opinion, can an applicant do to stand out?

I think having a positive attitude is the key to everything. Experience, education and credentials of course play a big part, but the differentiator is a positive and open minded approach to all potential opportunities.


Where’s your favorite place to travel?

All-Inclusive Caribbean destinations with my wife and two kids.


Let’s talk food. What’s your favorite cuisine?

I love food! I don’t have one particular cuisine that I prefer. I like trying different foods from all cultures and enjoy them all!


What is an interesting fact about you?
I am ambidextrous and can write perfect with both hands!

Writing with both hands!? What a talent to have, Pablo!
We love showing off our awesome KPG Recruiters and hearing about their favorite parts of their job makes us so incredibly happy.

We’ll catch you next time. Until then, make sure to keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

The KPG Healthcare Team

Anyone working in the healthcare industry is in healthcare because they truly have a passion for taking care of people and ensuring their wellbeing. Whether you are working directly with the patient or behind the scenes of it all, every moving part of a hospital is a major contribution in doing so. In the plentiful amount of medical specializations, roles and departments out there you will find a very crucial component in ensuring and promoting safety in every hospital, specifically in surgical procedures. These awesome members of the healthcare world are called Sterile Processing Technicians. Sterile Processing Technicians may wear scrubs, but they should be wearing superhero capes because they are superheroes to patients and medical professionals alike!

What Does a Sterile Processing Technician Do?

So, what exactly is a Sterile Processing Technician? Sterile Processing Technicians work behind the scenes in achieving one main goal: Ensuring that all doctors and patients are safe when medical instruments are in-play. Sterile techs carry out this important function by running the intensive process of sanitizing and sterilizing the medical instruments for all medical professionals to use in patient-care. You can imagine how important this process is in the avoidance of infections and transferable diseases.

“Working in a hospital, things can change very quickly and the smooth running of my department is crucial to keeping operations running on time. Communication is key and there’s no room for mistakes – sometimes it really can be a case of life and death!” – Sterile Processing Technician, Gemma Gatchaliam

What Is the Process?

A sterile processing tech begins the sterilization process by manually deep cleaning instruments prior to moving the instruments into professional sterilizer machines, such as autoclaves. These sterilizing machines then blast high-pressure steam that destroy any and all present germs and microbes. After the machine has done its job and finished a set, the sterile tech then stores the tools away for cooling, which takes longer than one would think! Once cooled, the instruments are then ready for assembly and packaging, so that the equipment remains sanitized and ready-for-use. Sterile Processing Technicians also deliver and arrange the sanitized tools needed for a procedure, so that when the time comes, medical professionals are equipped to get started.

Alongside this extensive process, sterile techs also take inventory of medical equipment to ensure everything is accounted for, examine all equipment for defects and/or damage and run testing on autoclaves.

How to Become a Certified Sterile Processing Technician

Becoming a Certified Sterile Processing Technician sounds pretty awesome, right? The requirements of becoming a sterile tech require that you have earned a Highschool Diploma or equivalent, as well as completed certification courses that can be taken at a local community college or trade school. You will then want to earn certification through either the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) or the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM). The meat of the requirements for the sterile tech role is hands-on experience in a hospital. Typically, certification programs give you that hands-on experience in addition to your studying, so that you can more easily find a sterile tech job after certification. Otherwise, having a few years under your belt will greatly benefit you in future opportunities.


Here at KPG Healthcare, we have access to many Sterile Processing Technician opportunities and can help you easily find employment in no time! If you have recently finished the requirements of becoming a sterile processing tech or are already one and are looking for a new opportunity, head to our job board and reach out to a KPG recruiter who can answer all of your questions!

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The KPG Healthcare Team