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7 California Hospitals Honored by the U.S. News & World Report

Wondering if your hospital made the list this year? According to U.S. News & World Report, the highest ranking hospitals reside in California in 2017-18! With 420 health centers in the Golden State, 53 meet the exceptional U.S. News guidelines and are ranked in state. Hospitals in Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles and more made the cut out of more than 5,000 medical centers across the nation.

Check out where each hospital excelled in specific ranking and specialities in the list below!

UCSF Medical Center #1 in California

Ranked nationally in 15 adult and 9 pediatric specialities, UCSF Medical Center is a 745-bed medical and surgical facility with nearly 30,000 admissions in the most recent year reported. Achieving the most impressive rating possible in 8 procedures or conditions, UCSF Medical Center has had outstanding performance in specialities including Nephrology, Neurology & Neurosurgery, and Urology.

UCLA Medical Center #2 in California

Performing over 9,000 annual inpatient and nearly 17,000 outpatient surgeries, UCLA Medical Center is nationally ranked in 10 children’s specialities and 15 adult specialities including Geriatrics, Ophthalmology, and Pediatric Nephrology. High performing in certain procedures like aortic valve surgery and conditions such as heart failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), this Los Angeles located medical center exceeds expectations in serving the most medically complicated patients.


Stanford Health Care – Stanford Hospital  #3 in California

Based in Palo Alto, California, Stanford Health Care – Stanford Hospital has close to 500 beds with over 25,000 admissions in the latest year reported. Nationally ranked in 13 adult specialities and #1 in the San Jose metro area, this NorCal medical center has been recognized as high performing in 8 different procedures and conditions such as COPD, knee replacement, and heart failure.


Cedars Sinai Medical Center #4 in California

Cedars Sinai Medical Center is an LA based Medical Center that specializes in General Medical and Surgical Practice. With 885 beds and and more than 88,000 Emergency Room visits, Cedars Sinai is large and world renowned medical institution. Rated 4th in the Nation for both Cardiology & Heart Surgery and Gastroenterology and GI surgery, Cedars Sinai is both regionally and nationally recognized. Boasting a top 20 rating in 8 specialties, Cedars Sinai is extremely well rounded and continues to be considered one of the best hospitals in the state.

Scripps La Jolla Hospitals #6 in California

A 203-bed surgical and medical facility with over 37,000 emergency room visits, Scripps La Jolla Hospitals is nationally ranked in 8 adult specialities. With top performance ratings in Gynecology and Diabetes & Endocrinology, Scripps is also a powerhouse hospital in heart bypass surgery, lung cancer surgery, and hip replacement.

UC San Diego Health – UC San Diego Medical Center #7 in California

Regionally ranked as #2 in the San Diego metro area, UC San Diego Health – UC San Diego Medical Center outshines in 8 adult specialities, and 8 adult procedures and conditions. Transcending the rest with their high quality performance, this San Diego native medical center ranks in Pulmonology, colon cancer surgery, and aortic valve surgery.

Keck Hospital of USC #10 in California

Helping patients make the difficult decision on where to receive care, U.S. News evaluates close to 5,000 medical centers in 16 adult specialities, 9 adult conditions and procedures and 10 children’s specialities. Ranked across the country in 5 adult specialities, Keck Hospital of USC is proficient in cancer specialities, abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, heart bypass surgery, as well as several more procedures and conditions.

Going above and beyond in the healthcare industry, it’s safe to say these California hospitals are some of the best in the West – and across the country!

KPG Healthcare is proud to staff some of the best hospitals in the Nation. Looking for your next career move and interested in contributing to one of California’s most renowned hospitals? Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!


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5 Ways to Nail Your Next Job Interview

5 Tips To Nailing Your Job Interview

Although the field can be a stressful place, becoming the member of a healthcare team is one of the most rewarding types of jobs that are available, for various reasons. Healthcare offers job security and exceptional pay and benefits. There are many different types of positions to choose from that stretch beyond being a doctor or a nurse. But more importantly, you will get to make a direct impact on many people’s lives.

It doesn’t stop there. The relationships you build and lives you touch will make a lasting imprint in the world. What you do matters and is always going to be of necessity. The need for healthcare is always in high demand and shows no signs of slowing down, in fact, it is steadily increasing as the world changes and evolves.

Whether you are aiming for your first position or hoping to make a move to climb the ladder in your career, consider these five tips to ace that job interview.

First Impressions Matter

You want to make sure you are giving your future employer the best first impression, as this might be your only opportunity to impress them. Make sure you dress for success. Whether you are interviewing for a C-Level position or Level I RN position, make sure to be in appropriate business professional attire. This means a dress, skirt  or dress pants with a blouse or jacket for women and dress pants with a shirt, tie and jacket for men. Ladies, keep your makeup and jewelry classy and to a minimum! Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to show you are more than capable of being on time.

Do Your Research

Learn everything you can about the organization, hospital, staff members, and the interviewer. You will most likely be given the names of the individual(s) you are interviewing with. Spend some time researching each individual. Have they one any recent awards? What day to day job responsibilities do they hold in their current position? Make sure you know things about the hospital and organization such as their mission, beliefs, and awards. These are great topics to discuss and possible questions they could bring up during your interview. There is no such thing as being overly prepared! Google and LinkedIn are great online tools you can use to get started.

Show What You Can Do  

If you do not already have one, make sure you put together a professional portfolio that highlights your education and career. It should include any certifications, licenses, diplomas, awards, accomplishments, letters of recommendation, references, published articles, community service, etc. Bring multiple copies of your printed resume and be ready to hand it out. Don’t hesitate to bring up those accomplishments during the course of your interview if it does not come up in the interviewer’s questions.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect, right? Search the web and find potential questions you will be asked in your interview. Find a friend or family member who is willing to review practice questions with you. Have them ask you a series of questions ranging from behavioral based questions to common questions related to the position you are applying for. Work on answering those questions not only with them but also in front of a mirror as well as practice greeting your interviewers and smile.

Be Confident

Never forget to show your enthusiasm for the position throughout the interview and smile! It is important to show your potential employers how much you want the position and how much energy you are willing to put forth. Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking and exhausting, so make sure you stay hydrated and nourished to remain upbeat. And don’t forget coffee if you need it! Also, just remember, you meet the requirements and guidelines for the position and have come more than ready, it’s time to shine!

KPG Healthcare is proud to be your go-to source for healthcare opportunities in the West, specializing in California. Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!

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National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

KPG Healthcare has a team of amazing healthcare recruiters that help find healthcare professionals the opportunities of their dreams. These driven men and women work hard to make sure that these professionals find the perfect fit for their needs – and there are many things to consider! Today we celebrate our hard-working team and applaud them for the extraordinary service and commitment they have made to KPG and Healthcare professionals across the West Coast!

In honor of Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day, we asked our recruiters to answer questions about themselves so you could learn a bit more about our amazing team:

What’s your favorite thing about being a healthcare recruiter?

Tiko:  I love being a recruiter because I am naturally a very social person! I love to meet new friends on a daily basis, so being a recruiter comes natural to me as I become friends with all of my nurses.

What’s your favorite thing about being a healthcare recruiter?

Kristi: My favorite part about being a recruiter is meeting and talking to so many new people every day.  It’s exciting to learn about their individual specialty and why they love it so much.  The best part of all though, is calling my candidates with an offer 🙂


What differentiates KPG?

Becca: KPG provides an unparalleled personalized service. Our recruiters do our best to get to know the providers and match them with jobs that are the right fit for their circumstance. Being locals ourselves helps us guide them in the right direction and provide some insight that might not be available elsewhere!


Tell us about a nurse that made a difference in your life?

Kylie: My sister Kevel! She is an RN at USC Keck and impacts my life daily by being the most compassionate, caring and selfless person I know.  She’s the only person who knows everything about me and still loves me unconditionally.  


What, in your opinion, can an applicant do to stand out?

Mark: Don’t write a cliche’ cover letter. Put in the effort to make a cover letter personal and informative!

Where’s your favorite place to travel?

Sean: It’s hard to narrow it down to one place because I have been to 33 countries but everywhere in Asia I have loved. Went to Bali last year and it was an amazing experience for culture and beauty, including seeing the baby elephants and amazing islands!


Let’s talk food. What’s your favorite cuisine?

Chris: Anything Italian. I love Pasta, Pizza, and anything covered in Marinara sauce. So much so that my roommates called me “The Modern Marvel” because I would eat a whole box of pasta in one sitting. (Yes I realize it’s not great for you and I had to work out furiously to get rid of the massive carb load. lol!) 


Matt: So I recently moved to LA from Miami to join the KPG team and in a search for the best cuban coffee in Los Angeles. A good cafecito and croqueta for breakfast is like a shot of rocket fuel paired with a bite sized ham and cheese melt; the best! That and also the snacks stash at the KPG home office. Amazing.

How did you get into the recruiting industry?

Peter: I got into recruiting because I love to help people achieve their goals! I was specifically drawn to the world of recruiting nurses as my mom is a nurse and in past professional jobs, I have met and worked alongside some amazing nurses.  Being a recruiter gives me the ability to help give back to the nursing community, one job at a time!

How did you get into the Healthcare Recruiting Industry?

Hana: I got into the recruiting industry over 13 years ago working in Event Staffing and now, proudly, with KPG Healthcare. I love speaking and meeting people from all walks of life. I’m always impressed and humbled by the compassionate stories I hear from Healthcare Professionals about their experiences on the job and why they love working in the field, whether it be a seasoned Surgical Tech or a driven Social Worker looking to achieve higher ground in helping others. In turn, this type of recruiting experience motivates me to be a better recruiter.

Where’s your favorite place to travel?

Patrick: It is hard to decide, but I am pretty outdoorsy so anywhere where i get to sleep under the stars is awesome. Lately, that has been Joshua Tree. The place is filled with adventures like rock climbing and trail running.

Have you ever had a hospital visit make a difference in your life?

Wealthy: Ha! That’s funny because I don’t think anyone has had a hospital visit NOT make a difference in their life. However, as a recruiter I would like to think that helping nurses is like me helping patients in a roundabout way.  So yes, hospitals are making a difference in my life every day.   =)


What’s your favorite part about working with nurses, PA’s, doctors, allied professionals, etc.?

Mike: Doctors, nurses, advanced practitioners and other healthcare professionals….they’re just people too.  Once you look past the lab coat and the scrubs, you often times find an individual that is looking to better themselves, advance their career or education, and make a difference in the world.  I get to help them do that!    


How did you end up in the Healthcare Recruiting Industry?

Pablo: I got into the Healthcare Recruiting Industry because both of my brothers are in this industry. They told me I would be great at it and after many years in Telecommunications/Sales I decided to take a chance. I can confirm today that I absolutely love it and this is where I want to end my career!

What’s your favorite sports team and why?

Jan: Angels Baseball – Center Fielder Mike Trout has brought out the love of baseball in my 3 boys and it has been an amazing bonding experience going to the games together!

KPG Healthcare is lucky to have such a passionate and driven team of recruiters to help Healthcare Professionals all across the West Coast! No matter your speciality, KPG Healthcare is proud to be your go-to source for healthcare opportunities in the West, specializing in California. Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!

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