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Interview with an Allied Healthcare Recruiter


At KPG Healthcare, our recruiters work hard to help healthcare professionals find the job of their dreams! Not only are these professionals helping people transition into the next stage of their life, but they’re also working with dozens of different specialties to help them find the perfect career opportunity. Our Allied Healthcare recruiting division works closely with professionals from many different backgrounds, including sterile technicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, lab techs and dozens of other allied professions! Learn a bit more about Hana and her experience with KPG Healthcare below:

How did you become an Allied Healthcare Recruiter?

I joined the KPG Team in November 2016, in the Per Diem division and was excited to transition to the Allied Department in January 2017. I had heard great things about KPG and was excited to work alongside some familiar faces!

What’s your favorite thing about being an Allied Healthcare recruiter?

Really–just one thing? Aside from working with an awesome, fun and hard-working team every day, I love learning about all the nuances of the position. I wasn’t aware of the impressive range of healthcare professionals that were a part of the Allied network!

Tell us about your most rewarding recruiting experience?

It’s always a great feeling finding a matched opportunity for a healthcare professional. Yet, the most rewarding experience came after I was able to place a very passionate and patient candidate in her “dream job!” We had been working together for nearly four months before she was cleared and began working with L.A. County — she was the first in the nation! Every time we speak, she is excited to tell me about her role and how happy she is.


What types of things stand out to you when you meet a professional looking for their next opportunity?

Other than the experience, skill set, and credentials, I feel it’s important to know what is driving them towards their next job. What stands out most are certain things like their character, passion, patience, and wanting to grow and strive to achieve more in their career.  


How do you determine how best to find the perfect job for a candidate?

We have a lot of opportunities that a candidate may be fit for, but it’s important to understand and determine how to serve their best interest in aligning them with the a job that satisfies their needs and skillset.

What’s your best tip for a candidate going into the interview process with a potential company?

Be positive and confident. When first speaking with someone I encourage them to have a mindset that we are going to get them an interview. It’s key to keep that momentum going to result in that job offer!


What’s the best advice you could give to an Allied professional that is comparing multiple opportunities?

Although money is always going to be a huge driving force, I always advise a professional to consider things such as location, details about the position, the facility and if this is an opportunity that is going to further their career. Our goal is to put them in a position where they can make money, enjoy doing it, and gain a fruitful experience.

What do you feel sets KPG Healthcare apart from other companies?

Well, I haven’t worked for any other healthcare staffing companies, but I know I work with a great team here! From Compliance and HR, to payroll and all of the recruiters here, everyone is always willing to help and has fun doing it! From birthday cake time to bean bag break time and all the candy in the drawers, a lot of fun is had.


KPG Healthcare is proud to staff some of the best hospitals in the Nation. Looking for your next career move and interested in contributing to one of California’s most renowned hospitals? Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!

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The Life of a Travel Nurse – Jeremy & Alina

Behind The Benefits of Being A Travel Nurse: Jeremy & Alina

Imagine if you could go around the country, exploring different destinations and meeting new people, while getting paid and making a real impact. Welcome to the world of being a travel nurse! It’s safe to say that travel nurses get to live the dream – and they’re in high demand. With great pay and bonuses, accommodated housing, and more freedom, this career has been giving nurses the opportunity to experience top facilities for the past four decades!

We had the chance to sit down and chat with two KPG nurses on what brought them down the path of becoming travel nurses and how they fell in love with the work, and each other! Read Jeremy and Alina’s beautiful story below!

What initially drew you to travel nursing?

Alina: We knew that we wanted to move to the West Coast, but wanted to explore different areas. Since we are both nurses, travel nursing was an optimal choice for us. We could still travel, investigate various areas of California, have fun, and still have a great income.

Jeremy: Working as a traveler allows for a good introduction to both a city/area and the potential hospital/unit. If it isn’t a right fit, one can simply finish the contract and relocate.    

How did the two of you meet?

Jeremy: We met while working as staff nurses in the Emergency Dept at INOVA Fairfax Medical Campus. She worked in the Pediatric ED and I worked in the Adult ED. It took me a while to ask her out, but thanks to free movie tickets courtesy of Nurse’s Week, I took the chance and did it.

What was your biggest stressor throughout the travel assignment process? How did you overcome it?

Alina: As a female, I love having my ducks in a row. I always plan way ahead of time. Thus, travel assignments were stressful for me, when it came to arranging them, as everything is done last minute. This doesn’t happen because our amazing recruiter wasn’t doing her job properly – it happens because of the hospital. They don’t know if they’re gonna need nurses in three months, they only know if they are in need now. It was definitely challenging finding lodging promptly and in a desirable area. It was hard moving states on such short notice. Finding kitty cat daycare isn’t easy either! Fortunately, our recruiter Janice (and the rest of KPG team) did everything possible to help us out. They took great care of us and made the process as smooth as possible! All in all, I learned that things eventually work out. This experience made me change my attitude towards planning our lives and travel assignments.

Jeremy:  I would say learning the culture of the unit, coworker’s names/personalities and remembering all the new passwords. All this with two days of “training.”

How many more assignments did you complete?

Alina: Our first assignment was in Los Angeles. I was at CHLA and Jeremy was at Kaiser Permanente in Panorama City. We both liked our hospitals and medical teams that we started working with. We both fell in love with the area where we were living (Silver Lake) and we decided to extend one month into our first assignment. We ended up staying in LA for six months total. After LA, we left for Russia to visit my motherland and to see my little sister get married.

Upon returning, we decided to go down to San Diego – the land of perpetually great weather, Mexican food, picturesque hiking, and a cornucopia of artisan breweries! I started at Rady Children’s Hospital, while Jeremy ended up at Rancho Springs Medical Center. We both liked it and extended. We did six months total. Again!

What were some of your favorite assignments?

Alina: We both, surprisingly, loved LA. Besides working with friendly nurses in good hospitals, we got to explore so much! We lived in Silver Lake, a little bubbly pocket of life in LA. Even Jeremy’s beard started growing faster to blend in better with other hipsters’ beards. We hiked the Hollywood sign on New Year’s Eve, visited Griffith observatory and even scored free tickets to Jimmy Kimmel’s show! My hospital, CHLA, was only five minutes away from our cute basement apartment. Jeremy and I decided to invest into bikes to cruise around the neighborhood, while I also decided to ride my bicycle to work.

My favorite musician, Moby, had just opened a restaurant in Silver Lake – I was so excited to go. I ran around Silver Lake reservoir all the time. I’m sure I might have several appearances in upcoming movies or series, as there were movies filming everyday! Luckily, I never had to experience real LA traffic on an everyday basis and was excruciatingly happy in Silver Lake.

What’s your favorite part of working in the healthcare industry?

Alina: I like that the healthcare industry offers secure jobs. There will always be hospitals that need nurses to take care of patients. I like that healthcare is not uniform. When we moved from the east coast to the west, I realized that not only did we change our geographical location, but also the way we practice as nurses. Medicine is so different across the country. Different hospitals have different rules, regulations, and protocols. I’m happy that KPG allowed me to see and experience it with my own eyes. It made me a better nurse.

Jeremy: I like taking care of people. Being a patient is a very vulnerable and scary situation. It feels good to make people feel better about the situation and less afraid.  

Is it difficult that you both work in the healthcare industry? Why or why not?

Alina: I like that we share the same industry. Jeremy doesn’t have to explain to me that he needs sleep after a night shift. We can juggle our weird schedules easily and still find plenty of time to spend with each other. I feel like I learn so much from Jeremy, from his nursing practice to his medical knowledge. I’ve never worked with adults; I’m a pediatric emergency room nurse. I know nothing else, and Jeremy is definitely expanding my horizons of adult medicine. At times, nursing and medicine takes over our lives, so we decided to institute certain rules. For example, we’re not allowed to talk about work during dinner time.

Jeremy:  It can be challenging to be in a relationship with someone who works in the same field, but it also has its benefits. We both have a passion for learning and enjoy the dynamic field of medicine, however it’s very easy to take work home with us. This can result in a steady stream of nurse talk, but we are happy – I wouldn’t change a thing.

What makes working with KPG different?

Alina: I’ve never worked with another travel company, so I don’t have much to compare it to. However, nurses talk and I’ve heard lots of horror stories from fellow travelers. My housing is awful… I didn’t get the shift that I was promised… my scheduled start date has changed… my paycheck is missing… I never got paid that bonus shift that I worked.  We’ve never experienced these things. We were always taken care of. Janice, our recruiter, always made me feel that we were enveloped in the softest and warmest safety blanket. She always responded to my emails promptly and returned my texts on time. She and the rest of the KPG team were always able to arrange for necessary health screenings in a timely fashion. We also are proud to say that Janice not only became the best recruiter in our area – she’s our friend. We can’t thank this company enough. To all the nurses eager to travel and have fun, we recommend KPG!

Travel nursing makes a difference in countless lives, including the nurse doing all the traveling! A great way to explore with friends, colleagues – or even significant others like Jeremy and Alina – go on the perfect adventure with help from KPG!


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Jumpstart Your Career As A Surgical or Sterile Processing Technician with KPG Healthcare!

Surgical technologists and  sterile processing technicians  are responsible for keeping  medical instruments and equipment sterile and safe when used by healthcare practitioners and professionals.

KPG Healthcare currently has  many opportunities in these fields.  If you are a certified surgical technologist or sterile processing technician, we invite you to explore our job opportunities  and the  great benefits of working for KPG Healthcare!

High Pay

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Surgical Technologists make an average of about $20 per hour  or around $42,000 a year.  Sterile technicians have a median salary of $38,000 a year or about  $19 an hour.  Depending on the assignment, Surgical Techs with KPG Healthcare can make anywhere from $24-$38 per hour. Sterile Techs can expect to make around $17-$26 dollars per hour with KPG – much higher than average!

Rewarding Benefits

KPG works hard to match job assignments to the expressed needs and preferences of each candidate. In addition, KPG offers industry-leading benefits, including  custom-tailored compensation packages, flexible contract lengths, healthcare benefits, travel reimbursement, weekly direct deposit, and unlimited referral bonus.

In-Demand Job Opportunities

KPG Healthcare is making a special effort to expand the number of placements in both of these growing specialties.   BLS projects surgical technologist jobs to grow   by 19% (around 17,000 jobs in the next decade) and sterile technician jobs  to increase by 11% (5,000 jobs in the next decade) nationwide.

Contact us today to discover what opportunities are available now and in the future.  Apply online on our website and join our team now!

Not trained in these fields interested in exploring them further?  Below you will see more specifics on the training programs for each profession.


How to be Trained and Certified

Surgical Technician

The  Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) has identified over 450 accredited surgical technology training programs offered throughout the United States, plus a number of online programs to choose from. You must have completed high school or the equivalent  to join the program. Programs vary from 9 to 24 months depending the degree or certificate, as students learn both in classroom (unless done online) and clinical experience. Completing the program will allow you  to take the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting certification (NBSTSA) exam to become a certified surgical technologist.

Sterile Processing Technician

There are many schools to choose from that offer sterile processing technician training programs – over 400 in the nation! Most students will go through the certificate (non-degree) route  to start a career path the quickest. You must have completed high school or the equivalent  to join the program. The program lasts  from a few weeks to six months. There is a voluntary certification exam that may be taken after completion of the training program. Wondering how you can get certified? Connect online with  the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution or the CRCST Certification from the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management. It is not required, but highly recommended that you complete the certification process  to open up more employment opportunities and to earn   a higher salary!

KPG Healthcare is proud to staff some of the best hospitals in the  nation. Looking for your next career move as a Sterile or Surgical tech? KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!

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