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Explore San Diego on Assignment with KPG Healthcare

On assignment in San Diego? Check Out These 8 Exciting Places To Explore!

Are you a healthcare professional considering your next move? The perks of travel nursing, locum tenens and per diem are plenty – competitive wages, exploring new settings, and sometimes even paid housing. It’s a great way to save money, focus on important work, and enjoy discovering new cities. Setting off to San Diego? This sunny location wins out in great food, grand views, and beautiful beaches! The perfect location to reside as a traveling professional, this SoCal town is ranked one of the happiest cities in the nation.

If you’re searching for some fun activities and places to explore on the weekends, check out this list of the coolest spots in sunny San Diego!

San Diego Zoo

Whether you’re a fan of giraffes or elephants, discover the wonders of wildlife with animal encounters and interactive experiences at the infamous San Diego Zoo. Founded in 1916, this gigantic zoo has been around for more than 100 years and has been a leader in animal care and conservation since. This remarkable zoo is at the heart of the San Diego experience and an absolute must see for both locals and tourists.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

Located right by the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park is a must see. Noted as one of the most popular urban parks in the United States, this beautiful sanctuary is packed with an array of attractions throughout, including a carousel, miniature train, Cabrillo bridge, Sefton plaza, the Spanish Village art center, and much more.

La Jolla Cove

The coves are an exquisite combination of a fun beach atmosphere and a relaxing, calm ecological preserve. It is one of San Diego’s most desirable spots for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Explore its sea caves and sea life, such as the coral, sea lions, stingrays and seals or have fun on the beach and soak up the sun while you tan and enjoy the day!

Torrey Pines Natural Reserve

San Diego has a few natural preserves. One of the most widely toured parks is the Torrey Pines natural reserve. It consists of 2,000 acres of coastal state park located in the community of La Jolla off North Torrey Pines Road. Whether you decide to take a hike through it, enjoy a nice stroll, or a steady bike ride, there will be miles of beautiful beaches, elegant trees, and many different birds and park life.

Boat Tours on the Harbor

Enjoy the fantastic view of San Diego’s skyline and sea life by taking a boat tour from right in its harbor! This will give you the perfect outing and overall experience of all the major sites of the cities.

Pacific Beach

Walk the beach, check out Belmont park filled with fair-like activities and rides, and cruise on the boardwalk! Pacific Beach is always packed with a lively crowd, night or day. During the day, this stylish surf town is filled with fun water activities and when the lights go down, the nightlife turns up. Walk down Garnet Avenue and discover the different bars that make up Pacific Beach!

Petco Park

A baseball park located in the downtown area of San Diego, Petco Park doesn’t just hold baseball games. There are year round concerts and events like beer fests, monster jam, and much more! The fun at Petco Park doesn’t just stop there! There are lots of conventions and activities like segway tours, mobile massages and city cruisers waiting for you just outside.

Sunset Cliffs

Whether you do a daytime or afternoon trip, Sunset Cliffs has a wonderful view of the San Diego bay, downtown, and Coronado bridge and to top it all off, there’s an endless amount of of tasty food. Just make sure that if you are planning to go in the afternoon, you stay to watch the sunset – you won’t regret it.

Whether you spend 8 days or 8 weeks in San Diego, experience all that this beachy town has to offer when you’re traveling to different locations!

KPG Healthcare is proud to be your go-to source for healthcare opportunities in the West, specializing in California. Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!

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Interview with a Provider Services Recruiter

Interview with Matt, one of KPG’s Provider Services Recruiters

Recruiting in the Healthcare sector is such an important job. Not only are you helping people take a step into a major change in their life, but you’re also working with dozens of people everyday to help them find the perfect career opportunity. Doctors and Physicians from around the country have found their dream opportunity with KPG Healthcare thanks to hard working recruiters like Matt! Learn a bit more about Matt and what sets KPG Healthcare apart below:

How did you become a Provider Services Recruiter?

I actually came into the recruiting world via, you guessed it, a recruiter! I had just moved to Florida and was in the market for a new position and landed a job with a large medical staffing company. It all kept rolling from there!

What do you feel that the pros and cons are with per diem, locum tenens and permanent placement for your physicians?

This could be a long list, but to narrow it down I would say Pros are flexibility, 1099 income, travel, and feeling out new facilities and groups. Not to mention, if you already have a full time job and are picking up locums on the side; some serious extra cash! Cons might be stability in terms of scheduling if you are a full time locums doc. Some locums gigs last a very long time, where others could simply be for maternity leave coverage. You might not know your whole years schedule in advance – which is exactly why locums can be such a great opportunity for these professionals!

What types of things stand out to you when you meet a professional looking for their next opportunity?

Responsiveness. At the end of the day, we work with people. And you can’t ever force someone to get back to you or to get that credentialing paperwork in. There’s a dream job out there for most people looking -but those applications don’t fill out themselves!

How do you determine what hospital or opportunity may be the best fit for somebody? What factors do you think are the most important to consider?

It’s a marriage of fit and facility. For locums you might be able to stretch and fit a square peg in a round hole once in a while, but those placements will eventually fall off or result in bad relationships. Location is probably the biggest factor. Money is a close second. Best is to have a short term plan and a long term plan. You need to be patient and persistent. Often times someone you spoke with months ago will be a perfect fit for a job that hasn’t even opened up yet!

What would you tell somebody that wanted to pick up per diem shifts on top of their current position?

Sure, let’s go. Tell me what you’re looking for – we’ve got you covered!

Tell us about your most rewarding recruiting experience:

My longest full time locums doctor worked with me for almost 3 years as his sole source of income. We had the same birthday and would send each other amazon gifts every year. I once sent him a pack of energy drinks and protein bars while on a long assignment. It went a long way! I also talked a Doc through changing a flat tire on a rental while she was driving to a remote hospital in Maine. After that, it’s safe to say I definitely had her trust!

KPG Healthcare specializes in flexible scheduling and offers malpractice coverage – what other things do you think are important in a placement?

We’re local. That’s pretty huge for doctors and clients. Knowing that we’re familiar with the area goes a long way. We know that 20 miles could mean a 90 minute commute. Also, as a client manager and recruiter, ultimately you’re selling yourself. We are good at what we do and have the best local relationships in the industry. Having a recruiter you trust is important for a doc who’s relying on you to get his bills paid.

What are your favorite things about working for KPG Healthcare?

KPG goes above and beyond for their clients is growing like crazy! It’s a great time to join as a provider, partnership or employee.Oh, and we also have a killer instagram page – what more could you want?!

How do you determine how best to find the perfect job for a candidate?

Tactical trial and error. It’s not throwing things against the wall and hoping they stick. It’s more about providing thought-out options based on what the provider has told you about their wants and needs. It’s okay to stretch the parameter a little too. Sometimes the perfect job is JUST outside the ideal travel radius – keep an open mind!

KPG Healthcare is proud to be your go-to source for healthcare opportunities in the West, specializing in California. Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!

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4 Best West Coast Road Trips

4 Best West Coast Road Trips for Your Weekend Getaway


One of the many things that you’ll love about being a traveling health professional is taking the time to explore new locations as you move to and from new assignments. You just can’t beat getting paid to work in the beautiful West Coast while you do some serious sightseeing. Whether you’re looking to make the most of traveling to and from an assignment or have an upcoming weekend free to explore, here’s a guide of the best road trips on the West Coast!


Pacific Coast Highway

Also known as Highway 1, is it one of America’s most beloved driving destinations, as there are very few routes like this one. Running for 550 miles, Highway 1 stretches along most of California’s coastline. Driving down the coastline means hours of overlooking the Pacific and its ocean views, beaches, attractions and discovering what The Golden State is all about. Give this road trip a minimum of three days.

Make your way from northern San Francisco to San Diego, or vice versa. Some popular places to stop along the way include Silicon Valley in San Jose, the popular beaches of Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Santa Barbara, Bixby Bridge and Big Sur’s breathtaking views, explore wine country and much more! Make a stop in Hollywood and some natural parks along the way – you won’t regret it!


Highway 395

This is one of the west coast’s (and world’s) most traveled highways. It goes through a wide range of locations mainly in California, such as the dry Mojave desert to the high Sierra Nevada and White Mountains to the marvelous Sequoia in redwoods and the highest point in California, the famous Mt. Whitney to the widely explored Yosemite and majestic Lake Tahoe.

With such a varied landscape throughout its journey, you will have plenty to see and experience. Haunt your way through plenty of ghost towns and reminisce back to California’s Gold Rush era! With an abundance of natural landscape, and even some old artwork and development going on in the state, you won’t run out of beautiful things to discover. There is plenty to see of the western life and its recreation such as fishing, boating, hiking, skiing & snowboarding year round that you can even try if time allows!

Highway 101: Oregon to the California Border

This highway winds down the entire Oregon coast, from the Columbia River to the California border. Along the way it passes through the scenic Oswald West state Park, perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, bird watching and camping, to the popular city destinations such as Portland. Tillamook and Lincoln County will also be along the way. Do you love cheese more than most people? You’re in luck – Tillamook is the home of the popular tourist attraction Tillamook Cheese factory!

Highway 101: From Washington’s Capitol to Shores

A twisty and mostly two-lane road, this trip will take you everywhere from the honorable State Capitol to its beautiful western shores. Pass through tiny villages and don’t forget to pull over for stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and a quick snack of oysters, clams and delicious seafood! You will also get the opportunity to visit the city of Forks and the Forks Timber Museum-and detour along Upper Hoh road to one of four temperate rain forests in the peninsula.

Taylor Shellfish Farms in Shelton is a prime place to make a pitstop and enjoy the region’s specialty, geoduck as well as some seafood. Pass through farms with llamas, yaks, bears and more. Visit Port Angeles nestled up in the Olympic Mountains, and if you have an extra day, explore the Olympic National Park, a World Heritage site and spectacular Hurricane ridge.

KPG Healthcare is proud to be your go-to source for healthcare opportunities in the West, specializing in California. Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!

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