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Why to Consider Becoming an Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help people of all ages to fully engage in their daily lives, from their work and recreation to activities of daily living like getting dressed, cooking, eating and driving. Not only is the position flexible, but it is also growing. Check out these reasons to consider becoming an occupational therapist.

Occupational therapists can work with any age demographic

Occupational therapy can apply to everyone at any stage of life! If you ever get bored with your position or the hours you’re working, you can always look into a different area or specialty of practice or care.

You can choose to focus on pediatrics, geriatrics, or encompass treating all ages.

Pediatric therapists will typically follow a teachers schedule and might have summers off; however, if you prefer to avoid younger patients, you can obtain a position that focuses solely on the older demographic.

All of the different types of treatment settings is another major benefit of this career choice!

Occupational therapy has a high job satisfaction

Working to restore functional independence to those that have had it taken away, is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. Not only is it rewarding, but can be extremely influential as well, particularly to our patients receiving our care.

As an Occupational Therapist, you make a difference in people’s lives. You are serving the humanity and this feeling gives you inner peace and immense satisfaction.

There is a huge demand for occupational therapy

The first and foremost benefit of being an occupational therapist is the availability of tremendous job opportunities. Due to this, graduates in this field don’t face many difficulties in finding a job. As per the report of the Bureau of Labor and statistics, it is anticipated that from 2014 to 2024, there would be a growth of 27 percent in the career outlook for occupational therapists in the United States of America.

Occupational therapy is always evolving

Occupational therapy is an evolving profession that applies to everyone and all aspects of life.

With the evolution of 3D printing, there has been a new and emerging trend for 3D printed splints for hand therapy and burn treatment. 3D printing can also play a role in assisting with functional prosthesis training.

With modifications of inclusion classrooms, playgrounds, and sports, occupational therapists are the ones making it all possible. Occupational therapy has a deep root in emerging trends and is always taking an active role in innovation.

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Smartphone Apps We Recommend for Nurses

Nurses are always on the move. Whether you are a student running between classes or a professional running to patient rooms. Nurses are constantly running around. One way nurses are able to stay on top of their game is by using their smartphone. Whether you are studying for an exam or cross-referencing a specific drug, mobile apps have provided a variety of functions for nurses. Check out the apps we recommend for nurses below!

Diseases Dictionary. Diseases Dictionary is complete offline and FREE app. This app is a great reference for medical disorders and diseases. Learn all information about symptoms, treatments, and medical terminology. Over 27,000 people have used and reviewed this app.

Nursing Central. Nursing Central is the leader in providing disease, drug, and test information. This is the complete mobile resource that delivers answers to you anytime, anywhere. Whether you are a student or professional nurse, this app allows you to input symptoms and be served a list of possible conditions.

Symptomia. Similar to Nursing Central, Symptomia allows you to input symptoms and learn possible conditions based on those symptoms in 2 taps. Symptomia allows the user to look up more than 50 symptoms and is perfect at bridging the gap between patient and healthcare professional.

Nursing Essentials. This is a great app for students and graduate nurses. It is a helpful resource and easy to use. Nursing Essentials is a great resource whether you are studying for specific coursework or just need to brush up on general information. Nursing Essentials also offers bookmarks, notes sections, and a medical calculator.

Nurse’s Pocket Guide. Make accurate diagnoses and develop effective care plans with this comprehensive app. This mobile app includes 440 medical conditions with associated nursing diagnoses. Care plan guides and an index to search allows for quick navigation. Nurse’s Pocket Guide also features NIC and NOC labels for each diagnosis.

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5 Reasons to Live in Arizona as a Travel Nurse

While Arizona tends to have a reputation as a travel destination, it’s also a city beloved by residents. If you’re thinking about where to go for your next travel nurse position, places such as Phoenix to Scottsdale deserve your consideration. A move to Arizona has lots of things to look forward to, from vibrant outdoor activities and sports to thriving downtowns and waterfronts! Read on to see the top reasons to make Arizona your new home.

1. Weather

Not only is it warm, but Arizona residents enjoy low humidity levels in winter, not to mention the rest of the year. With temperatures all winter long that average in the mid-60s and more than 300 days of sunshine, the Arizona is one of the best places to live in the United States based on weather alone.

2. They Embrace Outsiders

Between 60 and 70 percent of Arizonans are from somewhere else ! This most likely means it will be easy to make friends and meet new people, since they will be new to the area as well! In Arizona, you can write your own tickets. As the first governor, George Hunt, once said — all you need to grit, will and determination. The opportunities are boundless for newcomers.

3. It’s Family Friendly

In 2014, Scottsdale was named the top city in the country to raise a family. It scored especially high in the “average family income”, “quality of public schools”, and “public parks” categories. Additionally, Arizona is home to three of the top ten public high schools in the nation.  It has one of the most comprehensive school choice programs in the United States because parents have a right to choose the best schools for their children regardless of what zip code they live in.

4. Lots of Outdoor Activities

It’s simple to live your life outside in most of Arizona! Endless adventure awaits you! Hike or ride horseback along scenic desert trails. Tackle red-rocked backcountry on a Jeep. Raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Or soar above stunning landscapes by plane, zipline or skydive.

5. Sports

Arizona is legendary for golf, and it’s a big economic and tourism driver locally. The Waste Management Phoenix Open is the most-attended tournament in the world, with an annual attendance at 500,000. But of course, baseball spring training for several pro teams and the local teams is another huge draw, along with the wonderful baseball traditions and culture built up over the years.

Check out our job board to apply to one of our positions in Arizona today!



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