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Travel Series: Indiana, the “Crossroads of America”

Welcome back to KPG Healthcare’s Travel Series!

This week, we are turning our attention toward the American Midwest to one of the eight states that make up the Great Lakes Region, Indiana! Indiana was the 19th state admitted into the United States and, today, it is known for leading the nation in manufacturing job growth.

Indiana’s motto is the “Crossroads of America” due to its central location to four major US Highways: Interstate 65, 69, 70, and 74. There is so much Indiana provides in the Midwest region of the country, so continue scrolling to see what else the “Hoosier State” has to offer!


Indianapolis, or Indy, is known for its largest single-day sporting event, the Indy 500, but there’s so much more this city has to offer like lush green spaces, the world’s largest children’s museum, an insane food scene, and so much more.

One of the many great attributes to Indy is the Cultural Trail which was established in 2013. The purpose of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail is to “enrich lives and connect people and places through dynamic and beautiful experiences” through the Cultural Trail and the Pacers Bikeshare program. The nonprofit that looks after the Cultural Trail also offers Bike and Food Tours for those looking for in-depth knowledge of Indianapolis!

The food scene in Indy is internationally known for its awarding-winning restaurants, incredible indoor/outdoor marketplaces and plenty of rooftop and garden dining during those Spring and Summer months. Every foodie loves a good marketplace and Indy has plenty of marketplaces to choose from like the International Marketplacethe City MarketGarfield Park Farmers Market and Goose the Market. Each market is different, so make sure to check out the websites to see what each market has!

Indy is the place for world-class sporting events, an award-winning culinary scene, outdoor enthusiasts and plenty of good times.

Check out these great lists of things to do in Indianapolis: Cool Things to do in IndyFree Things25 Most Instagrammable Places in Indy,


Evansville, which sits on the southern border between Indiana and Kentucky, is a lot quieter than Indianapolis, but that does not mean this city is a complete snooze-ville.

Did you know Evansville is home to the Willard Carpenter house? Willard Carpenter was known as Evansville’s “Pioneer of Public Charity,” as his home was one of the first stops of the Underground Railroad for slaves crossing the Ohio River. As mentioned above, Evansville is also home to the Angel Mounds State Historic Site, which was home to a thriving Native American community known as the Mississippians. Here, visitors can explore the 500-acre portion of the site which has been preserved for amazing hiking and bike trails.

There is plenty of outdoor activities like kayaking or camping, you can check out Indiana’s first casino, Tropicana, or check out the University of Evansville for some awesome architecture. Wherever you go in Evansville, just enjoy another lifestyle that is different from yours.

Check out these great lists of things to do in Evansville: 25 Best Things to doUnusual ThingsFree Things10 Instagrammable Places in Evansville

Fort Wayne

Nestled along three rivers, Fort Wayne is a major component in the continued growth and innovation of Indiana. Being the second-largest metropolitan city, Fort Wayne receives accolades like Most Livable City and an All-American City.

Fort Wayne has so much to offer from festivals & fairs, an Amish county, a riverfront, over 100 miles of hiking trails, sporting events, and a great live music scene. Some of the great festivals & fairs that happen in Fort Wayne include BBQ FestBrewed In The Fort Craft Beer FestivalGrabill County FairFort Wayne Pride, and more! There’s always something happening in Fort Wayne.

While Fort Wayne lacks pro-league teams, they do have teams who play in the D-Leagues in hockey (Komets), basketball (Mad Ants), and baseball (TinCaps). Purdue University also has a campus in Fort Wayne for some college sports fans out there. Fort Wayne is a great option for anyone looking for a flourishing metropolitan city with plenty of opportunities to explore this Midwest All-American city.

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Indiana University was born into existence two years after Bloomington was established and has become such an integral component of growth for this town.

Indiana University is home to the amazing Jacobs School of Music with one America’s greatest performance venues and largest academic music libraries, plus the most expansive university museum collections in the US at the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art. Both university locations are open to the public for a fee, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

Bloomington is also known for its incredible outdoor recreation with the option to do just about anything you want! From camping to golfinghiking to cycling, Bloomington has the opportunity to offer it all for outdoor enthusiasts. Maybe take a bike ride to Downtown Bloomington for breakfast at Bloomington Bagel Company then take a stroll through the local shops until you drop. This is a college town, so enjoy the intimate yet thriving community that makes up Bloomington!

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These are just a few of the many great cities Indiana has to offer out-of-state visitors. Did you know there’s a small town in Indiana called Santa Claus? Yes, Santa Claus. Each year, this town receives tens of thousands of Christmas letters from children dating back to 1914. It’s also home to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, a combination theme park and water park.

Indiana, am I right?? There’s so much to be discovered in Indiana! We offer Travel Nursing opportunities in the All-American state of Indiana! Send us your resume to travel@kpghealthcare.com to get in contact with a recruiter.

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Virginia, “America’s First Region”

Welcome to KPG Healthcare’s Travel Series. In this series, we are going to highlight different states within the United States where we currently send some of our healthcare professionals for travel assignments. We can’t focus on every city, but we will focus on a couple where we staff and some of the more popular destination cities as well. 

This week, we are focusing on one of the original 13 Colonies of America, Virginia


First on our list is the capital of Virginia, Richmond. Richmond is rich in American history with many things to do and see within the city and its surrounding parts. From museums to great outdoor trails, a booming art scene to a beer trail, Richmond has fun for all ages.

Richmond also offers an enormous playground for outdoor enthusiasts with kayaking, bike trails, hiking trails, climbing and a handful of great city parks. The James Park System is one of the only rivers that offers kayaking, rafting classes and rapids in an urban setting. The James River is one of Richmond’s most popular sites where you can kayak or play in the river for the day and pull off to the side for a quick beer or snack break. Come check out this great list of activities by the James River System!

Not looking for nature? There are plenty of other things to hit in this city! If you’re a food and drink enthusiast, Richmond is home to over 30 craft breweries and have dubbed this accomplishment as the infamous Richmond Beer Trail. If breweries aren’t your thing, Richmond offers some free attractions including museums, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardennature centers, and more! Check out these great lists of things to do in the city of Richmond!

Check out these lists of things to do in RichmondFreeUnusualThings To Do11 Best


If you’re looking for a window into American democracy and our nation’s past then Arlington is just the place for you. Home to many national monuments and memorials, Arlington offers an array of activities to partake in during a travel assignment. 

Predominantly known for the Arlington National Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Pentagon, Arlington offers more than just an ode to American history. With an array of dining experiences, fantastic shopping districts to choose from and, of course, plenty of free things too, Arlington is the next stop shop to Washington D.C.

If Arlington is not your cup of tea, Washington D.C. is right across the Potomac River! Although Washington D.C. is not part of the state of Virginia, Washington D.C. is our nation’s capital and there is always something to do. Did you know you get to go into all of the museums in Washington D.C. for free? Check out Arlington and see how great it is for yourself!

Check out these lists of great things to do in ArlingtonUnusualDining GuideFreeTop 8 

Newport News

If you’re looking for a quiet, coastal city with a selection of local goodies and the charm of a small town, Newport News is just for you! Nestled between the James River and the Chesapeake Bay, Newport News “played an important role in establishing the Virginia Colon and our nation.”

Visitors are allowed to take a step back in time through a handful of attractions, Civil War reenactments and historical sites dating back to 1607 with the landing of Jamestown. Not a fan of history? Visitors also have the option to go camping at Newport News Park, which is minutes from Williamsburg, a beer, wine and shine trail known as the Toast the Coast Trail, and a shopping district with local merchants. Who doesn’t like free things too!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Newport News, you will most likely find it in one of the neighboring cities or towns. You’re in a good location, take advantage of it! 

Check out these lists of things to do in Newport News15 BestFree

Virginia Beach

Where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is flourishing with an impressive local culinary scene, a history rooted in America’s core, a thriving arts and entertainment sector, an abundance of outdoor activities and plenty of sunshine in the summer.

Virginia Beach has seven major sectors: OceanfrontSandbridgePungo, and Town Center, to name a few. Each sector has its own charm ranging from strictly ocean views and attractions to nightlife full of breweries and entertainment. There’s also a huge agricultural community in Pungo, minutes from Sandbridge, where you can even pick your own strawberries during the Spring or enjoy an incredible culinary scene where produce is always in supply.

Another cool district worth checking out is the ViBe Creative District within the Oceanfront District where you can see some great local artists displaying their pieces during First Fridays, Second Saturdays and VB Flea. There’s also Old Beach Farmers Market that takes place on specific Saturdays, so make sure to check their website.

If you’re in Virginia, you might as well head on over to Virginia Beach for a much needed and well-deserved break! 

Check out these lists of things to do in Virginia BeachBeach CampingZip-liningFree ThingsWater Activities


Charlottesville, like all of Virginia, is deeply rooted in American history being home to some of America’s first presidents including Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence. 

Beyond history, Charlottesville can be seen as a more outdoor city with nearby orchardsvineyardsballooninghiking, camping, kayaking, and so much more. Shenandoah National Park is about 20 miles from Charlottesville and here you can find the famous 100+ miles of the Appalachian Trail. There’s still plenty to see within the city limits like the City Market, a producer-only market of farmers, food vendors, crafts and artisans since 1973, which is held every Saturday from 7 am till Noon. 

Charlottesville is definitely the city to check out for some awesome grub, an abundance of outdoor activities and plenty of opportunities for creating memories. 

Check out these lists of things to do in CharlottesvilleFreeFree Trolley Map12 Best Things to DoUnusual AttractionsUltimate Weekend Guide to Charlottesville


Home to George Washington, our nation’s first president, is just south of Arlington and is well-known for its rich history and preserved historical 18th- and 19th-century architecture. 

Old Town is a one-of-a-kind area with King Street, which is home to centuries-old buildings lined with 200+ independently owned restaurants and boutiques, is a must-see in Alexandria. The Old Town Farmer’s Market also occurs every Saturday year-round and after you’ve finished checking out the local goods, head down to some of the river parks that run along the Potomac River. If you’re up for it, you can take on the Mount Vernon Trail that runs 18 miles from George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate all the way up to Washington D.C. memorials. 

The waterfront is another beautiful spot for a bike tour, delicious local ingredient restaurantspublic art installations and the Torpedo Factory Art Center, which is nationally recognized as one of America’s Top Art places. The nightlife scene in Alexandria may be small but there are plenty of clubs to catch some live music

Check out these lists of things to do in AlexandriaFreeUnusualThings to do Now

Virginia is rich with American history, which has grown into one of America’s greatest states through a flourishing culinary scene, a canvas for creatives, an adventure for outdoor enthusiasts and a providing opportunity to learn about our nation’s past and where we are headed.

We hope you found some of this information insightful on deciding whether or not you should take an assignment in Virginia. Regardless, please be safe and remember to wear a face mask! 

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A Mental Health Advocate with a Drive to Help Others
Luciano Spotlight

We have finally made it at the halfway point of the year, but unfortunately, coronavirus doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. However, positivity is always in supply here at KPG Healthcare and our next employee spotlight is just that – positive. This month we are highlighting someone from our Allied Professionals division who his originally from Italy and has been with us for a year and a half. Allow us to introduce, Luciano!

Ciao Luciano!

Luciano was born in a small town named Arielli, Italy, which is close to the Adriatic Sea. During his early childhood, he would go back and forth between the United States and Italy until his family decided to settle down in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in 2000. Luciano then graduated with a degree in Psychology from Stockton University where he also participated in intramural sports and joined a fraternity.

During college, Luciano set the goal of attending medical school as this was a career his parents wanted for him, but “quickly dissolved in a year or two of school,” said Luciano. Once he realized medical school wasn’t his goal, he turned his attention to the mental health field where he found helping others to be rewarding, but “when I graduated I needed to find something I enjoyed doing and recruiting seemed like a perfect fit.”

After graduating from Stockton University, Luciano recruited individuals in the IT field for a few years before wanting to transition into the healthcare field. He found KPG Healthcare on Indeed where he was eventually hired as a recruiter for the Allied Professionals team. “Working for KPG is fantastic,” Luciano said, “besides having a close team to bounce ideas off of and work together with, our director team is always there when you need something.”

As a recruiter, Luciano finds helping people achieve their goals by traveling to new places or visiting new hospitals that aren’t typically the most known to be some of the most rewarding aspects of his job. Being a recruiter, you have to be just as prepared for the unexpected as you are to welcome the positive change a recruiter can create. Timing, like scheduling calls, with new candidates, is one of the biggest challenges Luciano faces as a recruiter.

“Challenges you can face as a recruiter could be something as simple as timing when you work with newer individuals,” Luciano explained, “sometimes their schedule doesn’t match up with yours.” However, Luciano finds constant communication with candidates is the key to overcome any challenge he may face, whether that communication is small talk or assignment searching. Luciano is also a mental health advocate and utilizes his knowledge of mental health by understanding what is most important to his candidates by uncovering their assignment expectations and goals to establish a healthy working relationship.

One of the great things Luciano has done during the COVID-19 pandemic finds providing weekly updates to his candidates is the key to success. “I find myself talking to my clients more and more lately, even if it’s a quick conversation asking how they are feeling,” Luciano explained. Luciano even takes the extra step in care for his candidates by calling facilities to ask how they were providing clinicians the proper protection against the virus.

As Luciano continues in his role as an Allied Professional Recruiter, he hopes to continue working with the great candidates he’s been working with for the past few months to support them and help them accomplish their goals. Above all else, he wishes for his candidates to find happiness in their environments. He also mentioned helping his fellow team members with some tips and tricks on what worked for him.

Outside of recruiters, you’ll most likely find Luciano participating in outdoor activities like hiking, outdoor sports, skiing, or his current “oasis,” golf. Golf has been his go-to sport every weekend since he was 18-years-old. Other than outdoor activities, he also dabbles in piano and guitar during his free time.

Luciano, from all of us here at KPG HQ, keep up all the great work you’re doing in New Jersey. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put toward your role here with us. Mental health is important and we are happy that you consider that when communicating with candidates.

Luciano’s Dream Travel Destination: Italy! “I would love to go back and utilize my time to visit all other European countries I never visited prior.”

Top 3 Things to do in New Jersey:

  1. Golf – 18 holes
  2. Enjoy the beaches/boardwalk
  3. Hiking
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