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Recruiter by Day, Stand-Up Comedian by Night

Happy May!

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means it’s time for a Recruiter Spotlight! This month, we are focusing on someone from our Travel Nursing Division who’s been with KPG healthcare for about 2.5 years…that’s Dave! Keep scrolling to learn more about Dave.

Meet Dave!

Dave has been with KPG Healthcare for about 2.5 years and originally started in our Provider Service’s division staffing nurse practitioners and physicians throughout California. Within the first month, Dave had met all his recruitment goals, which led to his transfer to the Travel Nursing division.

Since the transition to the Travel Nursing division, Dave has enjoyed finding placements and assignments for his travel nurses alongside his fellow travel nursing recruiters. “I work with a lot of awesome people and it’s very much a family environment,” said Dave. One of the most rewarding aspects of his job is building meaningful relationships both with his coworkers and candidates.

However, healthcare staffing recruiters do have a challenging role. They are constantly searching for prospective candidates, vetting those prospective candidates, finding the right assignment for prospective and current candidates and repeating those steps when contracts end. “Even after you place a candidate, people are always coming and going,” Dave mentioned, “It’s a constant grind to keep filling new positions.” The best way to handle the ever-changing landscape of healthcare is to be adaptable and ready for anything.

With the novel COVID-19, or coronavirus, now circulating the globe, it’s made the healthcare industry “a lot more unpredictable,” said Dave. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the healthcare industry and the staffing needs that “once federal funding ran out, we saw positions dry up almost overnight,” Dave explained. Fortunately, for Dave, it means being ready for anything and always discussing a plan B for his candidates for scenarios like COVID-19.

“I wish for my nurses to get the awesome experiences they want out of their travel nursing career!”

As a recruiter, Dave hopes to continue growing his business and networking skills through KPG Healthcare. However, recruiting wasn’t his original passion, “I did not originally want to pursue a career in recruiting, but it’s a been a great learning experience on how to run a business,” said Dave. Dave’s passion lies in comedy.

Dave has been practicing and performing stand-up comedy for about two years now. “The energy you get from people after a successful set is really a great high,” Dave explained when asked about why comedy interested him. Besides comedy, Dave also enjoys hikes at Topanga Canyon, discovering new music and watching movies after a long week of work.

Dave, as the recipient of the first “Da Bomb” award for the Travel Nursing team, keep up the great work and continue to strive toward your goals both as a recruiter and a comedian! “Da Bomb” award is given to someone that exemplifies they can be a fun, flexible and reliable team player who goes above and beyond for their fellow teammates.

Dave’s Dream Travel Destination: Greece! For the history and beaches.

Dave’s Top 3 LA Things-To-Do:

  1. Go see a stand-up comedy show
  2. Hit the beaches of SoCal
  3. Hit all the awesome hiking spots (hint: Hollywood Dam is a great area for a photo of the Hollywood Sign)
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How to Self-Care during a Quarantine?
Self-Care during quarantine

Are you bored at home? Are you an essential worker who needs a night to unwind? Are you searching for a new hobby? Good news! With lockdown in place, you’ve got nothing but time on your hands!

With a lockdown in place for many states in the US, it’s time to focus on self-care. Self-care is important for your health both physical and mental, plus it’s a great way to get in touch with yourself to see how you’re feeling, what you’re feeling and how to go about your day from there. Self-care comes in many shapes and forms such as exercise, meditating, cooking, finding a new hobby, or even horticulture but self-care routines will vary based on your interests.

At KPG Healthcare, we believe in self-care and the importance of taking care of yourself.

Exercise those thighs!

It is one of the best ways to relieve some stress and get those endorphins flowing! With a lockdown in place, there are a handful of studios and trainers offering free online classes such as CorePower Yoga, Gold’s Gym, Barry’s Bootcamp, Chris Hemsworth and more! Many instructors from popular studios like SoulCycle offer Instagram Live classes to follow along with at home. Check out this full list here.

With a lack of proper equipment, people are starting to use their creativity to get that good muscle burn. For example, people are using their couches as a leg press, water jugs as dumbbells, or some people are creating their workout stations with concrete and wood!

If working out is not your style, exercise does include going for a nice stroll through the neighborhood. Just make sure to follow your city’s ordinances or new laws regarding COVID-19 safe practices!

Find a new Hobby!

This is a great time to start that new hobby you said you’d pick up back in 2010. You might as well focus your energy on something like knitting, drawing, calligraphy, planting, painting, building, etc. It can be hard to start a new hobby but skills do not develop overnight. Remember that every single person has started at square one in learning a new hobby or skill, so don’t get discouraged! We believe in you!!

Looking for some great hobbies to start in quarantine? Check out this list here.

DIY “Spa Day”

Who doesn’t love a good spa day! Too bad every spa is closed and you’re starting to look a little crusty. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about your hair – if it’s looking crazy, but we can help with the crustiness with a DIY Spa Day!

Drop a bath bomb or a few drops of essential oils into your bath/shower. Relax and sip some tea. Do a face mask with a glass of wine or more tea. Practice whatever skincare routine you have. Hopefully, by now you’ve got an idea on how to relax so any further steps will be at your discretion but we recommend reading a book, trim/paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, shave, etc.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are relaxed and possibly unplugged from the world.

The Great American Cook/Bake Off

We all love to eat and that’s a FACT. But how many can you cook an edible meal? Don’t worry, lockdown can help you improve! Whether you’re a baker or a chef, or maybe both, you can always refine your skills with a knife or a whisk! Cooking/baking is also a great way to incorporate your housemates/significant others, but if you live alone you can always cook with your friends via Zoom!

Look up some recipes or research some of your favorite dishes, build a grocery list, prepare then cook! YouTube has a plethora of cooking videos or tutorials on how to do certain tasks with cooking utensils if you ever feel overwhelmed or lost.

When buying groceries, please wear a face mask and gloves. We cannot stress that enough.

Plant Babies and Gardening

We’ve been through this before but let’s talk about plants again. Plants are a great way to purify the air in your home and it can add some great colors to different living spaces. Planting is another great therapeutic way to relieve some stress after a long day/week of work. Just remember each plant is different and may require specific soil, water routines, lighting, placement and/or nutrients.

Horticulture can also include planting your garden full of herbs, vegetables and fruits! If you have the space for a garden, we recommend starting with some common herbs or easy vegetables like rosemary, mint, tomatoes, carrots, etc.

Other Options!

There are so many other options when in quarantine like picking up reading, reorganizing your home (Marie Kondo – spark joy), clean your home, learn a TikTok dance, write in a daily journal or play video games… There are many things we all can do to focus on our self-care. We must take time each day to realign our minds, our energies and our attitude.

In the meantime, please be safe during this pandemic. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face.

A message to all healthcare professionals, thank you.

Thank you for your service, your sacrifice and your willingness to fight this virus and support those who are in need. This is a time where we, as human beings, should come together and celebrate those who are keeping society on its feet, aka essential workers.

There aren’t enough words to describe how much we appreciate all healthcare workers and all essential workers during this unprecedented and difficult time. Society would not be operating if it weren’t for all of you. We hope all essential workers are doing their best to stay healthy, safe and to feel the love everyone else feels for your sacrifice.

KPG Healthcare thanks you for all that essential workers do.

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A Travel Nurse with a Mr. Congeniality Mentality

It’s the first of the month, which means its Nurse Spotlight time!

In light of all the things happening in the world surrounding COVID-19, KPG Healthcare felt a change of pace would do some good even if it’s just for a moment. Without further ado, allow us to introduce one of our travel nurses currently on assignment in Los Angeles, Bailey!

Meet Bailey!

Baily is a travel nurse with KPG Healthcare with a Mr. Congeniality mindset.

Bailey has been a Step-Down travel nurse for about two years and has been a nurse for a total of 13 years this upcoming May. His nursing career began when he was required to do a project with a healthcare professional as a high school student in Portland, Oregon.

“I originally wanted to pursue a doctor’s career,” Bailey said, “but I was offered to interview a nurse instead.” Bailey was fortunate enough to meet with the assistant deans at the University of Portland for his project, which helped pave his way into a nursing career. The University of Portland is also where he attended nursing school.

“The rest is history.”

As a travel nurse, Bailey has found the best way to navigate through the trials and tribulations that come with the job is being able to adapt. You “must learn how to work with their [work] culture and organization even it may not align with your morals or beliefs,” Bailey explained. A travel nurse has the potential to hop from state-to-state or city-to-city and it can be taxing having to adjust and adapt to so many hospitals within a year.

When entering a new work environment, Bailey recommends being Ms./Mr. Congeniality with an “I know how to do this, but how do you do it here?” perspective. This will tell the other nurses you know how to do the particular task but you want to make sure you are doing to the facility’s standard. Bailey also recommends you make friends on the unit so they can vouch for you in certain situations.

Bailey has learned many skills and life lessons on and off the job throughout his nursing career. Besides learning how to travel light, respecting a work culture but still keeping in mind what is “safe” within your practice is one of the biggest lessons he’s learned, so far. Bailey mentioned, “Once you start travel nursing you see healthcare is even bigger than you realize, then you move to a completely different state and realize things are done so differently.”

Facilities vary from state-to-state, it can even vary from facility-to-facility, but in the end, a travel nurse must be able to switch gears and adjust to the different work environment at the drop of a dime. It’s a skill most travel nurses have developed and refined through their nursing careers.

One aspect of Bailey’s job that many people don’t realize is “nursing is a bizarre job.” “There is protocol in [nurses] brains that makes them tune into autopilot mode,” Bailey explained, “Most people aren’t dealing with life or death situations, but people need to realize we have a very special and unique job most people don’t realize is pretty traumatic.”

Nursing, but specifically travel nursing, can be a taxing job to have and like Bailey said most people don’t realize nursing is pretty traumatic. It’s important to practice self-care and to find time to unwind after long and stressful days. Some of the ways Bailey unwinds after a long shift is to make friends in the area or befriend his coworkers to go grab drinks or food with, solo hikes and to plan mini four- to five-day trips to Hawaii or the Grand Canyon.

Bailey is also a graduate student at Western Governors University where he’s getting his Master’s in Nursing. He’s got a lot on his plate from working 12-hour shifts, finishing up school work, finding time to unwind and planning trips.

KPG Healthcare wants to thank Bailey for his continued service in the healthcare field during this pandemic. Like all healthcare professionals on the frontlines, we see the sacrifice and dedication you have toward your craft and we commend you for that. We also want to congratulate you on your nursing career (so far) and for furthering your education, we continue to be impressed by your work ethic and we are blessed to have someone like you to be part of the KPG Family. Be safe out there!

Advice for New Travel Nurses:

  1. Always ask questions then compile what’s right for you. Have your top 3 that’s non-negotiable like shift preference.
  2. Know what you want first then lead with that.
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