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Let’s Celebrate National Doctor’s Day!

It’s National Doctor’s Day and we want to celebrate by sending a special shoutout to all of the physicians out there! We often take our health for granted and only when we encounter illness do we remember the huge impact doctors have on our lives. We trust the doctors around us to be well-equipped for anything, from life-saving surgeries to simply prescribing medicine.  We want to thank all physicians out there that go above and beyond for our health every day!

Background on National Doctor’s Day

Every year on March 30th here in the United States, we celebrate our hard working physicians. The idea behind National Doctors’ Day is to celebrate, and give recognition to all physicians who dedicate their careers to saving and helping people through medicine. The first celebration was started in 1933 in Winder, Georgia by Eudora Brown Almond, a physician’s wife. Eudora introduced the celebration by sending greeting cards and placing flowers on graves of doctors who had passed away. The House and Senate officially established National Doctor’s Day in 1990.

How to thank your doctor

How are you going to celebrate the doctors in your life? We know that many of you have hectic lives. It’s time to give back! Here are two things we think your doctor will appreciate:

  1. Send your doctor a gift! You can’t go wrong with coffee cups, photo frames, games or their favorite snack.
  2. Take the time to write card, letting your doctor know what you are grateful for. Make sure to make it personal. Your doctor will appreciate you for taking the time to give back.

Shoutout to all of the KPG doctors!

We would like to celebrate all of our doctors here at KPG. You all ROCK! Thanks to your hard work, we are able to run this organization and work for what we believe in. As a result, we can establish beautiful relationships with our patients and see each one of them grow through their own health journey. Thank you KPG doctors for being rockstars!

Provider Services Divisions


  • Locum Tenens


Did you know that Locum tenens jobs are growing super fast in the industry? The great thing about locum tenens, is that it can help the organization save money, and find the right solution once unexpected needs of doctors pop up. As a physician, you get to “feel it out” before any commitments.


  • Local Per Diem


We get it, it’s nice with some extra cash here and there. That’s why we have the option to get some extra “gigs” out of your ordinary position. Not only can it be nice to get more money to the account, but its your way to practice additional skills. Sky’s the limit, and there are alternatives from surgery, emergency and more!

KPG Healthcare is proud to staff some of the best hospitals in the Nation. Looking for your next career move and interested in contributing to one of California’s most renowned hospitals in the Provider Services division? Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!

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What To Consider On Your First Travel Assignment

The life of travel healthcare provider can be an amazing opportunity! But before you take this commitment, you need to consider the options of where you are going. There are so many factors to consider, including trying to figure out where you feel comfortable to live, what you want to get out of your career, what each area can offer you in your free time, ect. The KPG Healthcare team will help guide you through all of these decisions and be your personal consultant to guide you throughout the entire process. We want to help you weigh your options and make the best decisions for your career goals – we’re here for you every step of the way!


North or south? Coastal or inland? City life or mountain area? All of these preferences are important to consider when choosing your travel assignment. This all comes down to where you feel comfortable living and where you will thrive! Understanding how you feel in certain weathers and environments is extremely important in your decision as well.


There are many options you can look into for housing as a healthcare professional. From finding short-term housing rentals to other options such as Airbnb’s, finding that best suits you is key. If your term is shorter, extended hotels are an option if that can work as well. Doing extensive research on your options is vital. Because you may be traveling to a very distant location, many times you aren’t able to meet the landlord or visit the housing prior to you moving in, and this can be scary for many people. It is important to do as much in-depth research as possible.


The benefits that come with being a travel healthcare professional can be a huge (and sometimes overwhelming) part of your decision. Luckily, there are some amazing benefits that come with moving your life. Some of these include better pay, discovering new places and strengthening new skills. Salary tends to be a big decision maker in these situations, especially because some places have great demand for travel healthcare professionals and compensate accordingly. Another obvious benefit is the ability to travel and find somewhere new that could capture your heart. This new area and new hospital can help  you to find new skills you didn’t know you were capable of and expand the areas you previously specialized in.

Length of contract

Choosing your length of stay can be a difficult part of travel health care. Research shows that the average length of stay is around 13 weeks long. However, there are ranges of times that can be shorter or longer depending on your preference. There are also instances where if you enjoy the hospital you are at, you have the option for extended stay. There has been an increase in need for travel healthcare professionals, so many companies are willing to work with the you about the length of your contract.


As travel health professionals, you all have your own specialties that are needed in different hospitals. Finding your perfect fit is, as mentioned before, a very personal decision. This could be based on area you want to live in, the type of specialty you are in or if you are new to your healthcare profession. There are a variety of hospitals available, some more high end, and others in areas that cater to low-income communities. The choice comes down to what is important  to you, and which locations will allow you to continue to grow professionally and personally.

What you can do on your free time

Your free time can be a very important part of your final decision. Your free time is exactly that- your own time. If you are relocating, you will want to make sure that there is plenty for you to do during days off in your new town. So it’s up to you to find out what you like best! Are you more outdoorsy? Do you like the city life? Are you adventurous or a homebody? This all will help you decide where you want to be located.

Finding your place as a travel healthcare professional can be a difficult decision if you don’t know what to look for. There is so much to consider when choosing a new life, but it can lead to something so special and rewarding. From what kind of hospital you wish to work at, to what your specialty is, to what you like to do in your free time, there are many important factors to consider! Let KPG Healthcare help you find the opportunity of your dreams today!

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10 Must-Have Apps for the LA Area

Los Angeles, the city of angels. Or maybe more appropriately now the city of apps! LA is one of the largest cities in the United States, which means that there are a lot of different things to do and plenty of smartphone apps that will make your life easier. We outlined five everyday apps and five apps for places to go as  must-haves while navigating Los Angeles!

Everyday Apps

Polis Assist:

After you download this amazing parking app, you’ll wonder how life was possible before it! Living in Los Angeles means driving everywhere and the stressful experience of finding parking. Not only do you need to fight other drivers for a decent spot, but you also need to be wary of rules and regulations for certains streets or lots. Good for you, Polis Assist can help you find your next parking spot, translate signs, warn you when your parking expires, find your car and more!


In the city where everyone are trying to get somewhere fast, you can imagine how jam-packed the freeways get- especially during rush hour. If there were ever a city that called for a stellar GPS system it’s LA! Waze is by far the best navigation app available- and it’s free. It includes real-time traffic as its users update hazards, accidents, road work and any other obstacles that could contribute to a slow down. This amazing app is a must-have for all LA drivers that will help you navigate the fastest route even when you feel like you’ll be stuck for hours.


Going out with your friends? The last thing anyone wants is to have to play designated driver to the bar. Make it a fun (and safe!) night for all and download Lyft! When you are ready to leave the bar or your apartment, grab your phone and send a pickup call to a Lyft driver in the area. Even better? There’s no need to wait outside- you can track your driver’s location and receive a text message once they’ve arrived. Choose from a variety of car sizes ( or carpool to save some extra money), pile in, and let the fun begin for everyone!


Hungry with an empty fridge and no desire to leave the house? No problem! This app is a major lifesaver for busy people. Find your favorite restaurant, input your order, provide your info and voilà – your meal will be delivered right to your door!

Taco Locator:

There’s nothing worse than being hangry and not being able to find a good place to eat or eating at a bad restaurant. And since California is known for its amazing Mexican food, you’ll want to definitely find the best of the best. The Taco Locator app is so simple, yet so fun and delicious! Start exploring new taco shops and Mexican restaurants in your neighborhood that you never knew existed. Don’t limit yourself to just “Taco Tuesday” when you can have “Taco Everyday”!

Things to do apps:

5 Everyday:

Wow! That’s how you feel after exploring Los Angeles with this brilliant app. 5 Everyday collaborates with local designers, artists and musicians to save you from being totally overwhelmed by the amount of places to go and activities to do. These locals knows all about the LA scene, and serve as your guide by listing 5 things to check out everyday!

Our Malibu Beaches:

Did you know that Malibu is comprised of over 20 miles of gorgeous beaches? Even though some are non-public beaches, they are still accessible- if you know the way. Our Malibu BEaches helps give you the know-how to get in and get your tan on!

Modern Hiker:

For those of you who love hiking and beautiful nature, this is the app for you! Everything you ever thought you needed for a successful hike is gathered into Modern Hiker. Beautiful photos, in-depth details about trailheads, maps, and contact information to local rangers. Find a hike that fits your skill level and start walking!

Time Out:

If you’re ready to leave the house and get social, you need to download Time Out today. We all know how easy it is to get into our old habits and go to the same old restaurants and bars as always. How often do you find yourself going to a public event or a new part of the city? Get out of your old habits and explore the city in a new and fun way. Time Out is your city guide and a way to meet like-minded people and see new public venues.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was something like Netflix but for concerts? You’ve got it! For $25/month you can access as many concerts as you want in Los Angeles. RSVP  for your favorite shows and connect with other music lovers with Jukely. Not sure if it’s worth the money? Check out the 14 day free trial before spending money on it. I can hear the music calling!

KPG Healthcare is proud to staff some of the best hospitals in the Nation. Looking for your next career move and interested in contributing to one of California’s most renowned hospitals? Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!

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